Fernando Smith









Born 1965 in Bury, north of Manchester.

Middle child, tethered to traditional northern alcoholic family.

Raised in a corner shop, which he utilised to his benefit by bribing girls with stolen confectionary in order to penetrate the old mysteries.

Bought a guitar at age 10. Wrote a love song the same day.

Left school, tried out a factory that summer and didn't like it.

Accepted some money from the British Mountaineering Council to climb abroad in return for a story.

Developed a taste for writing while travelling and decided not to work in a factory again.

Returned and studied art.

Painted, sculpted and composed, with eyes scrubbed-up like new.

Performed his songs to drunks, ladies and drunken ladies.

(Some people see continents exploding - he saw punks and teds

dancing while he sang).

Advised: There's no money in poetry.

Believed it and began working in an assortment of jobs with people

in various degrees of pain, but couldn't stop from sharing

his poems with non-drunks

as well as a better class of drunk than previously.


Now living in Cumbria, in the north of England.

Fernando Smith is a poet, painter and singer-songwriter living in Cumbria. In addition to performing his work across the UK, he has worked with families, children and young people deemed at risk, including children who have suffered abuse, young people in care and people on the fringes of society.


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