Fernando Smith





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The Balcony


Your belly coated in honey

my desire improved by the sun

having now revealed the gunpowder

words of passion


And still you were absent


As golden as you cared to be

arousing compliments again

like secrets pouring from a man

broken on the wheel


And still you were absent


I waited for you too long

succumbing to cowardice

lifting the scabs of history

to free myself










And still you were absent


Like a mariner disassembling

his compass

I came to you without eyes

or anticipation

not caring if it was an arrival

or return


And still you were absent


I found you

on the blood red balconies of Cadiz

blooming in spring

succulent as a melting pear


and you advancing

with lilies in your hair

crowning a smile

that was not worn for me

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